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Liquid Lipstick


Air Cosmetics' flagship product, AFRICA is without a doubt, the sexiest lipstick in the world for women of all colours. AFRICA is highly pigmented,...



NEFERTITI is a 100% vegan black eyeliner pencil with an ultra gliding texture.  Its super gliding gel texture combines the precision of a liquid li...

Liquid Lipstick


ERITREA is one of the most charming lipsticks in the world. Adapted to all skin tones, its matte finish will give your lips the most glamorous effe...

Liquid Lipstick


GABON is probably the best everyday lipstick ever. Its bold brown shade is perfectly adapted to all skin tones. For lighter-skin tones, it creat...

Liquid Lipstick


TOGO is a lovely beige that adapts perfectly to all skin shades and tones. Its exquisite neutral color makes it THE ideal lipstick to finish your l...



TIEBELE is a 100% vegan, ultra-fine pressed powder, 4-colour eyeshadow palette available in beautiful matte and shiny-satin finishes that are well ...



Didan is a 100% vegan and unique transparent gloss that provides a lot of shine, creating a long lasting glass-like finish on your lips. It cont...

Yoruba-Ashanti Mascara

Yoruba - Ashanti is a double-sided lenghtening and volumizing Mascara that strengthens, nourishes and boosts lash volume by up to 100%. Fortifyi...
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