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Ẹbun is an elegant gift box for your Africa Lipstick. With its luxurious imperial red colour, it is perfect packaging for Africa and can also be used for Nefertiti liquid-like pencil.

Ẹbun is available for sale here and also at the Air Cosmetics Blockchain Store where you can pay in Crypto-currency.

We ship worldwide


Finished in imperial red with a satin-touch effect. 


Inspiration for the name

Ẹbun means “Gift” in Yoruba, the language spoken by the Yorubas, an African kingdom that inhabits Nigeria and Benin. There are 45 million Yorubas in Nigeria and significant populations of Yorubas are in Benin, Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone.

The Yoruba diaspora consists of two main groups; recent migrants to the UK & the US from the 1930s and the Yorubas that were forcefully 'exported' against their will during the slave trade to the US, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Saint Lucia, Jamaica, Brazil, Grenada, & Trinidad & Tobago & other countries. Majority of the black people in the West Indies, South and Central America as well as the US, are of Yoruba origin.


Ẹbun is made of light recyclable cardboard. 

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