Our Manifesto

It is mid-2019 and despite the billions of dollars spent by black women annually on beauty products, none of the luxury makeup brands we all crave are African-owned, until now. Thus, it is with great pride that we announce that Air Cosmetics Paris is the world's first, and only African-owned ultra-luxury makeup brand. Unbelievable right?

We founded Air Cosmetics Paris in 2018 with the belief that every woman, irrespective of colour, class or creed, deserves to be able to enhance their beauty with the same high quality products readily available to women in Paris, London, New York and Tokyo.

This may sound flaky, but physical appearance is an essential component for self-confidence, and self-confidence is an important key to success.

Women more than men, face tremendous pressure to look beautiful daily. This feeling has intensified with social media causing everyone to want to look and feel as good as the celebrities and beauty bloggers they see online.

We think it is cool that everyone wants to look better, and we believe it is even cooler that makeup helps women to enhance their natural beauty without having to surgically alter the beautiful body parts that God has gifted them with.

It is preposterous that despite the fact that there are now 679 shades of foundation available on the market today, most black women still have to mix two or more shades to find their perfect match.

Irrespective of the disparity, women still have to look beautiful. In Africa and in the diaspora, those that can't afford high quality products opt for cheap counterfeit that sadly contain toxic chemicals that pose long-term health risks.

In the light of the aforementioned, it is clear that only Africans, that are born and raised in Africa, can truly understand the needs of other Africans. And as Africans, we have experienced these challenges first hand, and have chosen to rectify them, with AIR Cosmetics.

We have put an end to this disservice by creating the world's first African-owned luxury makeup brand for all women of colour, with the mission of making ultra-luxury makeup affordable to all women, especially those in the motherland.

All our products are cruelty-free and exclusively manufactured in France and Italy, the two homes of luxury, with their exceptional taste and artisanal savoir-faire.

Our mission

Our mission at Air Cosmetics Paris is to democratise the luxury makeup industry and showcase the beauty of Africa through our products. And through the AIR Women Foundation, our non-profit, we shall earmark 1% of our profits towards creating local businesses for would-be migrant women in Africa and thus empower them to stay in their countries, rather than risk life, limb and sexual abuse on the treacherous journey across the Sahara, en route to Europe

Like the Air we breathe, our goal at AIR Cosmetics is to create a range of ultra-high quality luxury makeup collection, that is 100% made in France and Italy, cruelty-free, affordable and globally accessible to all women of colour, be they in Timbuktu, the Banlieues of Paris or Brooklyn.

The journey has begun, be a part of it.

— Peter Alfred-Adekeye
Founder, AIR WORLD

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