My beauty routine

Hello Beauty,

How are you ? I am doing well! I woke up at 8 am, had 2 cups of coffee, spent 2 hours in Parisian traffic, and yes, everything is fine.

Last night, after work, I watched videos on YouTube and came across a video of this famous youtuber, who was explaining her beauty routine ….

I was so surprised to see the process she goes through each morning, that I felt I needed to write this article to share a simpler routine, because I don’t think anyone should put that much product on their skin

When it comes to beauty routine, everyone who knows me know where I come from. Oh my God, I spent God knows how much on "beauty products"!

Teenage years were not nice with me so I wanted to face it, but only God knows what I went through to be here today…

Tons of products, serums, anti-pimples, anti-blackheads, face mask, this mask, that mask, purifying ampoule, anti-marks, anti-this, anti-that, peelings, I tried everything ...

With such a journey, trust me, I have a lot to tell you! But I'll go right to the point today, I'll give you my beauty routine of the moment, but I promise you, I will let you know everything about my experience with acne in another article.

What is my beauty routine today?

Well, it's the simplest beauty routine in the world. It is true that we all have different skin types, so different needs, but one thing is for sure, we all need less products on our face.

Here is my routine in a few lines ..


Every morning, I take a shower and clean my face with water (i never use soap on the face in the morning). For my hair, I use a conditioner (I use shampoo only once a week, I'll tell you more about that in another article) , Murmuru EKOS from NATURA BRASIL. I also moisturise my hair with the Murmuru combing Balm from the same brand.

For my skin, the shower gel that I use is The rituaks of Hammam from the brand THE RITUALS. Once out of the shower, I clean my face with a towel before putting my mist of rose water, I then apply my moisturising cream (Effaclar duo + LAROCHE POSAY) on my face, and on my neck. This cream protects the skin from UV rays with SPF 30. Then I apply baby oil (Johnson baby oil) all over my body.
And finally, I apply my natural deodorant (Pierre d'Alun) and that's it!

And of course, before getting out of the bathroom, I brush my teeth with my one and only toothpaste, SENSODYNE WHITENING


Several nights a week (twice), I use an exfoliating cleanser (from CLARINS) for the face, because I wear makeup almost everyday. In a very small quantity, I apply the exfoliating cleanser followed by a circular facial massage; it helps remove all traces of make-up, deep cleanse the skin and especially it helps refine skin texture. I find this cleaner very effective because it is very soft despite its exfoliating effect.

Once a week, I make a Rhassoul mask (a volcanic clay harvested in Morocco) I buy it on AROMA ZONE and I mix it with floral water. I apply it on my face for about ten minutes ( I don’t let the mask dry) and I rinse with warm water.

I then apply rose water all over my face. Then finally, I apply my moisturising serum (SAINT GERVAIS MONT-BLANC) and that's all, I do not put anything on my skin before sleeping.

And of course, before sleeping, I brush my teeth with my one and only toothpaste, SENSODYNE WHITENING

That's what my beauty routine looks like :)

If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask me via e-mail at! And also share with me your beauty routine!

— Fatim Ibrahima
Chief of Products, Air Cosmetics Paris

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