Tips on how to use TIEBELE eyeshadow palette

Only four colours? Some of you asked me why we launched only four colours for our first eyeshadow palette. First of all, the Palette TIEBELE, is named after a village in Africa and it represents something beautiful and unique! Check the product page for  the full story.

TIEBELE eyeshadow palette is more than a simple eyeshadow palette: These four shades are unique and versatile. I call them the four shades of happiness, because using TIEBELE is fun and will put a smile on your face.

The palette can be used on the eyes, on the cheeks, and on the lips. It is refillable so you can purchase your refill when your favorite colour runs out. 🙂 #green #refillscomingsoon




  •  Use all four colors on your eyes, singularly or together for a full eyeshadow look.


  • Concealer: for medium and darkskin: Some of us dark skinned ladies have hyperpigmentation, ie. dark spot or marks we want to hide. If you are one of us, before applying your foundation, please try out my little trick :). First of all, apply a hydrating facial cream. Then with a brush, apply the orange eyeshadow powder all over darker places. Then apply your foundation. Take a selfie and see the difference 😉


  • Blush: Use the orange shadow as a blush. For an elegant sculpted look, apply the orange shadow along your cheekbones, while blending upwards and outward.


  • Contouring powder: For a sexy natural face contour, I dare you to try our brown eyeshadow powder (it is very pigmented so use it in small quantities) for your nose and cheek contour.


  • Highlight: Use the shimmer shades ( KAYORA and KATIU) to highlight your nose and cheekbones. KAYORA suits medium to dark skin shades and KATIU meium to light skin shades. 


 You can also use any of our four shades of happiness on your lips! Alone or with a gloss or lipstick, you will create your unique makeup look with just one eyeshadow palette 🙂


  • Lip Contour: With a lip brush, apply the brown eyeshadow as a lip contour and fill in with your Africa lipstick. Blend with the brush and take a selfie 🙂 You can also fill in with any other matte lipstick or a transparent gloss.


  • Lip base: Apply any colour of your choice and coat it with your DIDAN plumping lip gloss. or even AFRICA red lipstick (Use the brown as a base for a burgundy finish) .


Hope you enjoyed this article ! 


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