How to perfectly apply a red lipstick

Someone said “red lipstick is power in a tube”. I totally agree with this statement! 

Honestly, put on a simple nude makeup and finalise it with a red lipstick, and see the difference! For those who have a nice unified skin tone, a red lipstick and mascara will make your day. Whether in winter, summer, at an event, for a date, for school, or just for your ‘me” moment, It is totally unbelievable how a simple red lipstick can totally transform one's face at the swipe of the brush.

But a lot of people are sceptical when it comes to wearing a red lipstick. Mainly because you have to find the perfect shade that correspond to your skin tone; also the application process is sometimes annoying;  I am sure we’ve all had or at least experienced, overlapping lines, bleeding edges and the red teeth 😉

Last month I went out for a date after work and opted for a red matte lipstick. Guess which one I chose? AFRICA of course, the sexiest lipstick in the world by Air Cosmetics Paris! One layer of Africa and a simple nude eye makeup for the office and in the evening, I added a second layer of AFRICA for the sexy lip-effect 😉.  I also used the same lipstick asa ‘pencil’ to line under my eyes for extra effect. The result was very kapow ;)

Several women asked me the brand I used but also how I managed to have perfect lips contour and a bright red under my eye. I explained to them and thought I can also share this tip with you all on how to make the perfect red lips!  If you like my picture above then continue reading  🙂

Here’s everything you need to know for that lip look:


Preparing your lips is an important step before applying any lipstick. As a lady your lips need to be  healthy, flawless, smooth, and sexy. Drinking water, scrubbing and applying a hydrating lip balm is the only way to achieve it!If you want to wear a red matte  lipstick with a perfect elegant finish, this step is important! #hydration. For scrubbing, you don’t need to waste your time in the drug store searching for scrubs, just grab some sugar and oil (Olive or coconut oil) and that’s it. Personally, I always dip a cotton pad in hot H20 (Water), and apply it on my lips  before gently scrubbing. This step smoothens the skin on my lips and thus eases scrubbing.

For hydration, You can use a basic lip balm before sleeping and before starting your makeup everyday. You can also use shea butter or any oil (olive or coconut) to hydrate your lips.


Your hydrated lips are now ready for some colour. For a well defined and precise lipstick finish you can use a lip liner to draw the contour ie the edges or perimeter of your lips. If the lipstick applicator is perfect like AFRICA’s, then all you need is nothing! Start  by drawing an X on your Cupid’s bow. Then draw two lines on the corner of your lower lips and join them together. If you want a bigger lip  look, you should slightly overlap the natural line of your lips. Personally, with AFRICA, sometimes I start to fill in the middle of my lips, then I contour with the applicator to have the perfect lip liner at the end. It also works as the applicator because of its ease of use.



The final step consist of filling in your lip liner. Simply get your product, and paint your lips. I suggest you start at the center of your lips and spread outwardly, until you get your desired finish. With Africa, one or two layers are more than enough for that simple and elegant look.

Your lips are now ready to conquer the world kiss


Hope you enjoyed reading!

If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask me via e-mail at! And also share with me your beauty tips!

— Fatim Ibrahima
Chief of Products, Air Cosmetics Paris












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