Air Cosmetics just made 2021 spicy!

First of all, Happy New Year to you dear reader 🙂

2020 was such a year right? But we thank God we are all here, safe and strong, motivated and ready to make the best out of 2021. Even though covid is still present, thankfully, we now have vaccines to bring an end to it. In the meantime, please continue to stay safe !

Now let’s deep into spicyness… haha !

As it was the case for many businesses, 2020 was a challenging year at Air Cosmetics. Thankfully, we made it though and launched three new beautiful products during the pandemic! Can you imagine?

I am so proud of us and of the products we launched! I hope you’ve had the chance to try them. If not, order yours today and get ready to spice up 2021.

You can now purchase our new babies 🙂 NEFERTITI eyeliner pencil, DIDAN Plumping Lip gloss and our four shades of happiness, TIEBELE eyeshadow palette.

Just a quick presentation of our new babies :

NEFERTITI eyeliner Pencil: It is a liquid-like eyeliner pencil, that is 100% vegan, made in France, waterproof, very intense and sexy (oh we like it!). It is very easy to apply, long-lasting and is ideal for sensitive eyes.

DIDAN Plumping lip gloss: You guys complained a lot about the fact that you needed a gloss! So we delivered ! But guess what? As we want the best for you, we brought you the most plumpalicious lip gloss you will ever find on the market. 

DIDAN is a 100% vegan, uniquely transparent gloss, that provides a lot of shine, creating a long lasting glass-like finish on your lips. It contains Oligopeptide, which when used regularly, increases the volume of the lips and improves the definition of the lip line. You can use  it on your lips, face and body! 

TIEBELE eyeshadow palette: This is what we call, the four shades of happiness 🙂

It is our first eyeshadow palette and is composed of four luxurious, must-have colors: orange, brown, sparkling gold, and sparkling pink. They all blend smoothly and last very long, with or without an eyeshadow primer.

TIEBELE is 100% vegan, and in line with our Earth-conscious values, each of its colours are individually refillable.

Made with love and passion, our new babies perfectly complete our first iconic bestseller product, AFRICA liquid matte lipstick. Please give us your feedback on them once you get a chance to try them.


Lots of love from the Air Team.

— Ibrahima Fatim

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