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It is mid-2019 and despite the billions of dollars spent by women of colour annually on beauty products, none of the luxury makeup brands we all crave are African-owned, and thus do not primarily cater for women of colour.

Thus, it is with great pride that we announce that Air Cosmetics Paris is the world’s first, and only African-owned luxury makeup brand. 

I founded Air Cosmetics Paris in 2019, after two years of research and development, with the belief that every woman, irrespective of colour, class or creed, deserves to be able to enhance their beauty with high quality luxury products, affordably.

Physical appearance is an essential component for self-confidence, and self-confidence is an important key to success. By enabling women to look even more beautiful, we are enabling their success, both in the board room, and the bedroom.

Our mission at Air Cosmetics Paris is to democratise the luxury makeup industry and showcase the beauty of the motherland, Africa through our products. And through the Air Women Foundation (AWF), our non-profit, we earmark 1% of our profits towards creating local businesses for would-be migrant women in Africa and empower them to stay in their countries, rather than risk life, limb and sexual abuse on the treacherous journey across the Sahara, en route to Europe.

Like the Air we breathe, our goal at Air Cosmetics is to create ultra-high quality luxury makeup products, that are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, made exclusively in France and Italy, affordable and globally accessible to all women, be they in Timbuktu, Paris, Lagos or Brixton.

The journey has begun, be a part of it

— Peter Alfred-Adekeye, Founder, Air Cosmetics Paris.

About Peter-Alfred-Adekeye

Air Cosmetics Paris was founded by British-Nigerian technology entrepreneur and consumer advocate - Peter Alfred-Adekeye in 2019 with the mission of developing affordable, ultra-high quality, luxury beauty products for the underserved 1 Billion women of colour in Africa and the diaspora. 

Peter is also the founder and CEO of Multiven, MOM and LetterBox.

Peter holds a BSc degree in engineering from University of Ife in Nigeria and has completed executive education in leadership at Stanford University in California. He is a member of ENISA, the European Commission organisation tasked with formulating policies to secure the EU’s cyberspace.


We care about you

Physical appearance is an essential component of self-confidence. Therefore, when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do good.

Unlike men, women across the world face tremendous pressure to look beautiful daily. This feeling has intensified with social media causing everyone to want to look and feel as good as the celebrities and infleuncers they see online.

In Europe, North America and Asia, high quality beauty products are readily available for lighter skin shades but sadly, unaffordable for majority of women seeking darker shades, causing some women to resort to counterfeit products that expose them to long-term health risks.

Beautiful Women


For You

We create for you

African women have skin and hair texture that most products do not cater for today. Despite the fact that as of 2018, there are 679 different shades of foundation (source Nielsen), it is still difficult for women of colour to find their product skin shades.

And when they do find it, it is usually overpriced for their modest budget, especially in sub-Saharan Africa where the median monthly income per inhabitant is $417 or $14 per day (source: World Bank, 2017).

AIR Gives Back:

  • 1% of AIR Cosmetics’ profits will be allocated to the AIR Women Foundation (AWF), our non-profit that will local businesses for would-be migrant women in Africa and thus empower them to stay in their countries, rather than risk life, limb and sexual abuse on the treacherous journey across the Sahara, en route to Europe.

AIR is Crypto-Friendly:

  • Air Cosmetics is the world's first luxury makeup brand that can be purchased without a credit card but with crypto-currencies such as the Multicoin (MTCN), Ether and Bitcoin.

AIR Guarantee:

  • All Air Cosmetics products are 100% made-in-France and Italy, 100% cruelty-free, vegan and are never tested on Animals. 


Peter Alfred-Adekeye

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